About our gemstones


What are we looking for?

At Faith&Brown we have the highest expectations for your jewellery, so we hand select our natural genuine gemstones from the finest locations around the world. Each gemstone is unique, and our trained expert team diligently choose the finest coloured and patterned stones to work with.


This natural minty fresh green gemstone is textured with a pattern that is often paralleled to ‘modern art’. Its breath-taking ripples of banding, make it an almost ethereal stone to wear. A gemstone hue that can be both delicate and calming, as well as fresh and striking, it is a wonderfully versatile designer gemstone.


Due to its inter-reaction with light, Native Americans call this the ‘firestone’. Labradorite can be a stone of many amazing plays of colour, known as labradorescence. This means that with a small shift of light, this mesmerising stone can, like a storm cloud, transform from a stunning silver grey to an electric blue or violet bolt of lightning colour…. Seeing is believing with this natural gemstone!

Lapis Lazuli

The regal blue of Lapis Lazuli has been idolised throughout history as a symbol of royalty, power, truth and wisdom. The flecks of pyrite make it unique and are said to resemble the golden stars in a celestial night sky. Incredibly, Michelangelo used lapis pigment to create the azure blue colour to paint the heaven in the Sistine chapel, in Rome.


The tropical colour of this sky-blue gemstone, reflects and captures the stunning one source location that it originates from. Larimar, is an exclusive gemstone of the West Indies Island of the Dominican Republic and when you think of this paradise location, you may well see the blue skies and gentle wisps of white clouds in the natural patterning of this beautiful gemstone.


Thanks to the dramatic banding colours of deep and bright green, Malachite is one of the most distinctive natural gemstones in the world. This gemstone has garnered admiration from as far back as Egyptian times and in the Middle Ages was used as a talisman for protection.


This enchanting gemstone can only be found in Mooka Creek, Australia and is another stone that reflects its stunning home location. The natural colouration and banding of Mookite can be described as the finest captivating colours of a sunrise and sunset… with hues that can blend from deep russet red to golden yellows.


This natural gemstone has an ethereal quality to its beauty and is recognised because of its frosty white body colour and it’s memorising blue lustre – a shimmer of electric blue light that runs over the surface. This light reaction is matched by another unique aspect of this beguiling stone, called irisation – this is the beguiling flicker of light inside the stone.


With a name that in Latin means ‘Rose Colour’, the natural feminine hue of this gemstone is in no doubt. The unique banding and wave like pattern, gives this stone its very own individuality and distinction.

Care for your gemstones


When you’re not wearing your jewellery, store in the pouch it came in and avoid storing in direct sunlight this way you can keep it safe and protect both the stone and precious metal.


Avoid contact with perfumes or creams, as this may affect the surface of the gemstone. It is advised that you avoid immersing your stones in water or chemical solutions.


Use a soft jewellery cloth to gently polish your jewellery and avoid using tissue paper or abrasive material as these may mark the surface of your gemstone.

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