Introducing Faith&Brown

Vicki Carr, Creative Founder

Hi, I’m Vicki and over the last two decades I have been a passionate gemstone specialist, jewellery designer and product commissioner.

I believe that when you wear a piece of jewellery, it really can help you to feel good about yourself. This wasn’t something I had identified until I was in the midst of what I can only describe as “the crazy world of motherhood”! I had a new born baby, plus a toddler and a husband working away from home. I was frazzled and didn’t have a moment to myself. One day my mum came to visit and offered to look after the children while I grabbed a shower. As I dressed and put some make up on, I knew I was on the road to feeling a bit better, but it wasn’t until I went to my jewellery box and chose my jewellery that I felt truly dressed… I felt like it helped me to feel ready for action… it even made me feel good about myself.

So, that’s when I started to think about designs that made me look and feel great… Faith&Brown is a collection of jewellery that embodies all that I love about jewellery – sleek and stylish designs, striking and unique gemstones and oh so wearable, so you too can wear your jewellery and feel beautiful.

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