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Sets to define your style

The Faith&Brown Gemstone Collection allows you to create complimentary combinations, while the unique stones ensure individuality to your look. Browse our range of sets and be inspired here.

“To look beautiful, you need to feel beautiful.”

Vicki Brown, Creative Founder of Faith&Brown

Faith&Brown capture the perfect balance between design and gemstone in this collection. A harmonious combination of creative shape and dynamic colour palette allows the natural gemstones to be the true focal point to your beautifully mastered jewellery.

Jewellery with its own identity

Thanks to the individual pattern, print and colouration of each stone, every piece of jewellery from the Faith&Brown gemstone collection is like owning your very own masterpiece, with no two stones looking the same. So, bumping into someone wearing the same piece of jewellery as you, is a thing of the past!

The Essentials Collection

Add Faith&Brown style and add detail and individuality to your look with our Essentials Collection.

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