About our pearls


What are we looking for?

At Faith&Brown we have the highest expectations for your jewellery, so we hand select our freshwater pearls from Chinas renowned pearl farms. Each pearl is unique, and our trained expert team diligently choose some of the finest pearls to work with.


The shimmer of a pearl is what makes it unique from any other gemstone in nature. We expect A grade quality, which guarantees a lustre that allows the light to ripple elegantly over the pearl, creating a breathtaking look against the skin.

Surface quality

The integrity of the pearl’s surface allows the light to move flawlessly over the curvature of each piece. Our standards are set to ensure that your pearl jewellery will react and interact with light, showcasing the magical scintillation of each pearl.


Pearls can form in all varieties of shape, including the iconic round or near round. Faith&Brown celebrate the personality and character that a freshwater mollusk can produce, and we have a wonderful selection of pieces ranging from the classic sphere to the more unique shapes like baroque and keshi.


Pearls hold a unique hue, tone and saturation of colour… even if they are white, there could be several variants of tone and saturation to grade. At Faith&Brown we love the fact that your pearl will be as individual as you are and design our jewellery to showcase the beauty of the pearl.


An important factor when choosing a piece of jewellery, is the size and wearability. From the delicate 3-4mm pearls to the more dramatic 10mm signature pieces, our Faith&Brown pearl jewellery can offer versatility, from everyday classics to impactful evening wear.

Care for your pearls


Keep your pearls in the pouch they came in, this way you can keep them safe and protect them.


Try and make sure you don’t get your pearls wet – don’t wear them in the shower or bath. Always apply your perfume or any cream before you put on your pearl jewellery. Pearls are porous, so moisture could affect the surface lustre.


Pearls like to be worn, fresh air can maximise their appearance and natural lustre to ensure your pearls don’t dry. It’s simple – wear your pearls, to care for your pearls!

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